Invisalign for Kids in North Carolina

When it comes to smile-straightening procedures, braces don’t always seamlessly fit into our children’s lives. Fortunately, metal braces are no longer the only treatment option for straightening their teeth and repairing dental issues.

Invisalign for kids has become popular over the last few years. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, nearly 4.3 million patients 17 years old and younger opted for Invisalign treatment in 2016.

If you are a parent who grew up with metal braces, you might be skeptical about Invisalign treatments for your child. Don’t fret. Our office specializes in Invisalign for kids in Charlotte, North Carolina and we’re here to walk you through any questions you may have. Our office holds VIP Diamond Invisalign provider status, which renders us at the top of our industry in regards to clear aligners. Contact us to learn more about the treatment plans we offer.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of orthodontic devices placed over your teeth to straighten them. These plastic aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth. The aligner trays gently pull your teeth into position without the use of traditional braces. Invisalign are transparent, so they are virtually undetectable when worn.

Invisalign First was created specifically for children. These special orthodontic devices help solve dental issues while providing support to developing jaws. Children also have a mixture of baby teeth and permanent teeth. Invisalign First aligners accommodate these growing teeth.

Understanding the Invisalign First Process

Invisalign First will be the first phase of your child’s oral health journey. Phase one is ideal for children anywhere between the ages of six and ten.

This phase prepares your kid’s teeth for a more efficient straightening process by priming the mouth for the second phase of the treatment that occurs between 10 and 14 years old. Invisalign First is similar to metal expanders or partial braces.

You’ll need to make sure your child wears their Invisalign aligners every day and all day. The only time they should remove the aligners is while eating meals or when they’re brushing their teeth. Dr. Forrest specializes in Invisalign for kids here in Charlotte, North Carolina, and can advise on how to switch out the aligners. Each new set of aligners will further improve the position of their teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign for Kids?

Good oral health care starts when they’re young. Invisalign offers a wide range of benefits including:

1. Repairs a Range of Orthodontic Problems

If your child or teen has crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite Invisalign treatment for kids can be the ideal option. Invisalign can help address a wide range of dental issues.

2. Low Maintenance

Metal braces require lots of maintenance. Your child will have to clean them several times throughout the day to prevent food particles from getting stuck between the wires. Sometimes, the wires will become loose, requiring more trips to the orthodontist to tighten them.

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is very low maintenance. Your child only has to keep the aligners clean and, of course, make sure that they are wearing them every day throughout the treatment process.

3. They Are Comfortable

Invisalign tray aligners are comfortable to wear. Braces consist of metal brackets that press into the insides of the cheek. They also rub against the lips while talking, causing great discomfort. People who wear braces sometimes develop mouth sores.

Invisalign aligners are made from a thermoplastic material that gently improves the alignment of your child’s teeth. Therefore, they are much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.

4. Improves Your Kid’s Confidence

Children often suffer from teasing for wearing traditional metal braces. This has a significant effect on their overall self-esteem and social life. Invisalign for kids is clear and virtually invisible when inserted over the teeth. Once your kid learns how to speak with the aligners in their mouth, no one will be able to tell that they’re wearing them.

Invisalign for Kids in Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you ready to give your child the smile that they deserve? The orthodontists here at Steele Creek Orthodontics have years of experience in providing quality Invisalign treatment plans for children. When it comes to correcting dental issues in children, it’s best to start taking action as soon as they are of age.