Two-phase orthodontic treatment can help give your child a straight and beautiful smile. The process begins with Phase One orthodontic treatment in Charlotte, NC. Phase One treatments usually start around the age of six, building a foundation of robust oral health.

An Overview of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two-phase orthodontic care allows dental professionals to start adjusting your child’s teeth early in their life. This process reduces the need for more extensive treatments as they get older. After performing initial treatments, orthodontists allow your child’s teeth to ‘rest,’ often for years.

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Patients That Benefit from Two-Phase Treatment

Phase-One orthodontic treatment in Charlotte, NC, encourages the healthy development of your child’s jaw. Our orthodontic team assesses patients starting at the age of six. We look for the narrowness of the upper jaw or crowded front teeth as indicators for two-phase treatment plans.

Two-phase treatment allows oral healthcare professionals to guide the development of your child’s jaw. This process often removes the need to pull permanent teeth later in your child’s life. It also supports the development of straight teeth that fit together correctly.

Orthodontists do not recommend two-phase treatment for all patients. For example, many children only require one-phase therapies to straighten teeth. However, your child may benefit from this kind of care if they:

  • Have issues with abnormal swallowing
  • Continue sucking their thumb for a prolonged period
  • Have upper teeth that stick out
  • Show an unusually long upper jaw
  • Exhibit trouble biting or chewing
  • Breathe through their mouth
  • Develop speed impediments
  • Demonstrate a crossbite or issues with closing their mouths

Contact us to find out if two-phase treatment is the right choice for your child. We also offer assistance if your child loses their baby teeth either too early or too late.

What to Expect During Phase One Orthodontic Treatment

The exact nature of Phase-One orthodontic treatment in Charlotte, NC, varies depending on the needs of the patients. In some cases, orthodontists remove a few of a patient’s baby teeth, giving emerging adult teeth more room.

In other situations, orthodontists use appliances as part of phase treatment. These appliances may include:

  • Braces
  • Removable retainers
  • Fixed appliances

Patients do not continue wearing these appliances throughout the rest of their life. Instead, orthodontists remove them after achieving the desired results.

Expect a Resting Period After Phase One Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontists assess your child’s progress throughout Phase One orthodontic treatment in Charlotte. In addition, our professional team keeps records regarding:

  • The kind of appliance we use to help your child
  • The amount of treatment time
  • How frequently your child visits us

We also maintain photographs and x-rays. This information helps us plan out Phase Two of your child’s treatment. However, we don’t begin Phase Two right away.

Instead, your child goes through a resting period after Phase One treatment. This period may last several years as your child’s permanent teeth erupt. We do not recommend using appliances during this resting period.

Learn More About Phase Two Orthodontic Treatment

After the resting period, orthodontists generally begin Phase Two treatment for your child in Charlotte. We often recommend full braces for both the top and bottom teeth during Phase Two treatment.

You can expect your child to wear braces for around two years during Phase Two treatment. After we remove the braces, your child will wear retainers for some time to preserve their straightened smile.

A straight smile does more than help your child feel more confident. It’s easier to care for straight teeth, reducing the odds of cavities and gum disease. Protect your child’s oral health by contacting us.